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Securus (UK) Ltd has many years experience installing security solutions in both business and residential settings. We are a registered installer of Pyronix equipment and systems, which have been supplied by HikVision for some years (Pyronix is now part of HikVision), and so if you are looking for a specialist in HikVision installation of IP cameras, you need look no further than us.

HD CCTV fitted by HIKVision installation specialist Securus (UK) Ltd in Surrey

One of the more frequent HikVision installation requests Securus (UK) Ltd deals with is for one of the newest type of CCTV cameras known as ‘Fisheye’ cameras.

Recent advances in CCTV technology mean that you no longer need to worry about your CCTV cameras not recording an incident such as a car being broken into in your car park, or a burglar stealing something from your office, but your cameras not picking it up because the action was not in their field of view.

This problem has now been addressed by the introduction of new ‘Fisheye’ cameras, such as the HikVision 12MP Fisheye Network Camera, which can record a 360-degree all round view when mounted on the ceiling.

Cameras like this make an ideal choice for detailed coverage of wide, open areas such as car parks, shopping centres, loading bays, retail stores, offices, restaurants, classrooms, leisure centres and so on.

HikVision installation - Fisheye CCTV camera from Securus (UK) Ltd in Surrey

The HikVision 12MP Fisheye Network Camera

The HikVision 12MP Fisheye Network Camera can capture up to 6 megapixel resolution images at 25 frames per second (depending on which viewing mode is selected), and an inbuilt filter provides day & night capability up to a maximum range of 15 metres, which is ideal for providing 24 hour surveillance of smaller outdoor areas.

This particular HikVision installation has an impact protective housing that is also water and dust-proof, and is therefore also a good option for monitoring scenes where vandalism might be a possibility.

What’s more, the camera takes advantage of what is known as ‘de-warping technology’, which takes the full spherical fisheye image and allows specific sections of the field of view to be looked at afterwards with minimal distortion. The way the software de-warps the images to give you a ‘virtual’ Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) capability on the recorded data is a bit like going backwards in time and controlling the camera to actually follow the activity of a the person being filmed.

A HikVision installation like the 12MP Fisheye Network Camera (sometimes described as being ‘247hdcctv’ – twenty-four-seven high definition CCTV’) can be a great deterrent to intruders such as thieves and burglars, but only if it has full coverage of the space. Traditionally that would have meant a large number of CCTV cameras. But now, a combination of Fisheye and traditional cameras can deliver the both deterrent you need and the evidential image quality you require at a lower cost.

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