Service, Maintenance & Upgrades to your CCTV and Access Control Systems

Don’t let your CCTV, Access Control or Door Entry system let you down when you need it most – let Securus (UK) Ltd take care with planned servicing, maintenance, upgrades and fixed-cost maintenance plans.

Your security system is an integral part of your business – it needs looking after to ensure it continues to perform its intended role protecting your business, staff, visitors and customers. With most security systems having a functioning life well beyond normal hardware warranty periods, it is inevitable some repairs or upgrades will be required. We can help. Regular servicing and maintainance of your CCTV, Access Control and Door Entry System will help ensure it continues to operate correctly. We can assist with most types of hardware, even if we did not originally install it.

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    Service & Maintenance

    Your security system is a critical part of your business. Making sure it continues to operate optimally and correctly is crucial. Our Service and Maintenance Care Plans provide ongoing support offering the peace of mind that you have access to expert assistance if you need it with telephone support, pre-planned service visits and ongoing access to app, software and technical changes. Our plans offer a range of different benefits and protections that give you the comfort your security system will be up and running again quickly. If you would like to know more about what each plan offers and how it can help keep your business security system running, why not take a look at the plan options below and ask us for a personal quote for your system.


    In many cases, your original access control, CCTV, Access Control or Door Entry system would have been designed and installed by a previous owner or occupier of the premises, with different objectives or requirements in mind. The equipment is perfectly serviceable, but the system doesn’t quite perform as your business now requires. Rather than install a complete new system, why not talk to us about upgrading your system. In most cases, we are able to retain the vast majority of the existing equipment, moving certain cameras or sensors if required. Whatever your scenario, why not call us and see how we can help you. We can offer upgrade, maintenance and replacement for a wide range of security, CCTV and access control systems, including:

    security system repair
    • Access control system upgrades and replacement
    • CCTV system upgrades and replacement
    • Density control system upgrades and replacement
    • Door entry system repairs and maintenance
    • Rapid deployment CCTV system upgrades and replacement
    • Security camera upgrades and replacement
    • Thermal screening system upgrades and replacement
    • Upgrades and replacement to related network infrastructure for your security system

    Our team of specialist access control, CCTV and security engineers work with equipment from a wide range of hardware providers and can offer an upgrade and replacement service to most types of security system, regardless of whether they were initially installed by us or not. Let us help your redesign your system to meet your current requirements.

    How We Can Help

    Our service and maintenance team are able to service, maintain and upgrade
    all types of CCTV, Access Control and Door Entry security systems.

    System Health Check

    Your security and access control systems need to be functioning as intended and remain suitable for any changes in the way you operate. A regular process of testing, checking and re-evaluating the system design and requirements is necessary to ensure that it provides the protection your premises require.

    If you would like a free, independent assessment and health check of your system, please get in touch. Depending on your specific circumstances, it can be carried out remotely or as a site visit.

    Our health check will cover:

    • A review of the security and access control requirements for your business or organisation;
    • A review of the system design, based on your requirements;
    • Identification of any actual or impending system faults; and
    • Identification of any maintenance required.

    To arrange your free system health check, please call us on

    Why choose Securus (UK) Ltd for your Security System servicing, maintenance, upgrades and repairs?

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