Door Entry Systems

Easily managing your building’s entrances and exits

As physical building security becomes an increasingly important part of all business security systems, Door Entry Systems are the most obvious way to protect a building and the people inside it from unwanted intruders.

A basic audio or video Door Entry System, perhaps even for a single door, allows you to see and / or speak to a visitor before either physically opening the door to let them in, or releasing the door remotely.

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    For larger commercial premises with multiple points of entry and possibly a mixture of office, storage and operational space, a fully integrated multi-door, video entry system can control access not just from the outside of the building, but between the different areas within the building itself. Such a system can also cover multiple buildings on the same or even separate sites.

    You may also wish to consider an Access Control System that can include additional features such as density flow management and temperature screening as part of the access control limitations.

    A door entry solution can work as a standalone set up, or integrate with a networked access control system

    Standalone Door Entry

    Standalone mode allows for quick, simple installation and easy user management. The system is flexible and can still work with our other standalone products to build an entire easy-to-use system, which can grow in line with requirements and be upgraded to an networked solution when needed.

    Typical applications

    Small business premises • Storage units • Sites with limited users

    Great for smaller sites with a relatively small number of users. Token management is simple and the system can be extended easily as your requirements change.

    Networked Door Entry

    The door entry system can be combined with access control and integrated with additional features such as intruder alarm and centralised management from a PC. A networked solution is particularly beneficial for larger sites wanting additional reporting features.

    Typical applications

    • Schools • Offices • Healthcare facilities

    Great for sites managing multiple doors and users. The system can be extended easily and offers advanced features such as event reporting, energy saving and integration with CCTV and other systems.

    The latest ‘Entry’ solution

    Paxton’s latest addition to their range of door entry solutions is simply called ‘Entry’, a smart audio/video door entry system which offers a feature rich and cost-effective solution for a variety of applications.

    With an extensive range of audio and video monitors, touchpads, the system comprises three simple components; external panel, door control unit and internal monitor handset. Watch the video to see the benefits of a complete system.








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    Other applications for Door Entry Solutions are in the:

    Public sector; such as banks and finance buildings, government buildings, prisons and young offender institutions

    Residential buildings; private apartments, high-end complexes, multi-tenant buildings

    Sheltered accommodation; such as youth hostels, retirement homes

    Commercial buildings; private offices, factories, vehicle parking access

    Leisure facilities; such as hotels and health clubs

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We have an audio door entry system but want to be able to see who is at the entrance, how easy would it be to upgrade?

    Usually we can upgrade an existing door entry system from audio to video using the existing cable infrastructure in place. Wherever possible, we look to use as many parts of your existing system. This speeds up the installation and reduces the cost to you. Please talk to us about your requirements and let us know which equipment you currently have installed, if you know. We may also be able to identify it from photographs.

    What is the difference between Access Control and Door Entry systems?
    With an access control system, the user has a keyfob, swipe card or access code to allow them to open a door, gate, or any kind of entrance. A door entry, or intercom, system has a panel at the entrance and the visitor can then talk to somebody within the property who can then decide whether to grant access via the entry system. Access control systems are typically used on sites which require automated management of the right of individuals to access specific areas of a site.
    Can I access the images from my CCTV system remotely?
    Yes you can. A networked CCTV system can be configured to allow access to the images from any internet-enabled device. A user access control system is used to ensure only those authorised to do so have access to the images.

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