Our client operates a private specialist healthcare service in partnership with the National Health Service. Its premises are based on the site of a large regional NHS hospital. It specialises in helping bridge the gap for patients being discharged from ICU beds, helping them return home safely and providing 24/7 support to patients using ventilation equipment in their own homes.

The client operates 24/7 and needed to upgrade an existing CCTV system that was no longer fit for purpose. They required an expansion to the areas of coverage, higher resolution cameras to provide better quality footage and better low light performance and enlarged areas of coverage to deal with some blind spots which had been causing some concerns.

Securus Solution

healthcare cctv

We surveyed the existing system, carrying out a full health-check of all existing hardware and network infrastructure. We provided the client with a number of options at different price points to allow them to make an informed decision on the most appropriate approach. The client elected to undertake a complete replacement and upgrade of the CCTV cameras and DVR/NVR related hardware, with new infrastructure installed to manage the additional cameras. Where possible, we retained the use of existing cabling to avoid any unnecessary work.

All relevant staff were provided with detailed system training as part of the commissioning of the new system.


Securus were able to guide the client from the outset of the work to redesign the office space. Our knowledge and expertise as a Paxton Gold Registered Installer allowed us to provide them with guidance on which elements of the system could be efficiently repurposed and reused.

The client now has a fully operational access control system, linked to a CCTV camera system for additional security.

All work was carried out in accordance with the relevant Codes of Practice – “SSAIB CoP SS2003 CCTV Code of Practice” and “SSAIB CoP Access Control Code of Practice”.

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