At first glance, the difference between an analogue and IP CCTV system may not be immediately obvious. But if your CCTV system has been in place for many years, the chances are that it is an analogue system – the images captured by the camera are converted to a format that is compatible with traditional video monitors, or even perhaps a video recorder. The easiest way to tell the difference, if you do not already know, is to look at the data cable. An analogue camera will have a round coaxial cable. An IP CCTV will have an oblong-shaped ethernet cable.

The primary issue with the type of data transmission used is the significant difference in image quality when comparing analogue to IP CCTV and the need for physical tapes that have to be rotated to save the material for analogue systems.

When you compare an analogue system with a modern digital – or IP – CCTV system, there are a range of immediate benefits, including:

  • Vastly improved image quality
  • Data stored to a hard drive or cloud recording solution
  • Remote monitoring of systems
  • The ability to site cameras in more remote locations across large sites
  • The ability to provide ‘PoE’ – power over ethernet, meaning cameras can be placed in areas that don’t need an electrical supply, providing an ethernet connection is available
  • The ability to incorporate a range of artificial intelligence driven triggers and actions
  • Improved system resilience
  • Improved ability to search and use CCTV images
  • Simplified system changes and upgrades
Low quality image from an analogue CCTV camera system

Analogue camera image quality

High quality image from an IP CCTV camera system

IP camera image quality

So What Is an IP CCTV System?

In very simple terms, an Internet Protocol (IP) CCTV camera is one that captures images in a pure digital form and transmits them over an IP or Local Area Network with no need for any local recording device. Installing an IP CCTV system will require some form of network within the zone to be protected, but this can be installed as part of the system if required and can be delivered in a variety of ways including:

  • A wired Local area network
  • A wi-fi enabled local area network
  • A 4G / 5G network connection
  • A combination of wired, wi-fi networks and 4G/5G

By virtue of the way these cameras operate, there is a huge range of inter-operability, allowing customers much greater freedoms to mix and match solutions from a variety of different manufacturers to create a truly bespoke system designed specifically to their needs.

CCTV is generally used as part of a wider security and access control system now and IP CCTV solutions can easily be configured to provide a wide range of different controls that will help you to manage your business more effectively.

Upgrading Your Analogue CCTV System

Analogue and digital systems are not mutually exclusive. The reality is that you can undertake a process of phased upgrade to your system. You can focus on the elements of your existing analogue system most urgently in need of replacement first, or look at which upgrades will provide the most immediate or urgent benefits for your business. With budgets always under pressure, your best approach may not be a system-wide replacement of the CCTV that protects your business. You may be better served with a planned upgrade programme phased over multiple years, with a service and maintenance contract that protects your legacy analogue system and new IP CCTV system.

For many businesses, their CCTV system is a requirement of their local authority licensing requirements. Investing in your system is a way of protecting your business from potentially having to temporarily close in the event of any failure.

Why Use Securus To Help Upgrade Your Analogue CCTV System?

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