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School security systems are a major concern for any head teacher, facilities team or governing body. It’s vitally important that pupils, staff and visitors are kept safe whilst at their school or college, and the electronic school security systems provided by Securus (UK) Ltd will help to ensure that this is the case, providing a calm and secure environment for students to learn and teachers to teach, with minimal disruption. If you would like to know more about school security systems in Surrey, London or the South East of England, Securus (UK) Ltd can help.

School security systems in Surrey by Securus (UK) Ltd

Due to the very nature of a school environment, or that of any other educational facility (from nursery schools through to colleges of further education), school security systems can be a sensitive issue and one that it can be challenging to get right. No-one wants school security systems that create an oppressive atmosphere of surveillance, however on the other hand, when the safety and security of vulnerable individuals is at stake, too little security is not an option.

At Securus (UK) Ltd, a supplier of school security systems in Surrey, but covering London, Kent, Berkshire and Sussex, we understand that school security has these very specialist demands, so the high quality school security systems we can design and install include features such as:

  • Using access control for flexible working and monitoring attendance
  • Restricted access to allow segregation of staff and pupil areas
  • Flexibility to enable schools to safely hire out parts of their premises or facilities after hours
  • Intruder alarm systems for breaches of internal and perimeter boundaries
  • CCTV systems that help deter intruders, protect staff and pupils and ensure that Health and Safety and other safeguarding policies are adhered to
  • Door entry systems which can use video or audio to allow identification of visitors before they enter the premises or grounds

If you’re looking for flexible and tailored school security systems, Surrey based Securus (UK) Ltd can help

When looking for an electronic school security or safety solution, there are a wide range of issues that need to be addressed according to a school’s individual set up and requirements. So a flexible school security system, with the highest level of protection for students, staff and visitors is of the utmost importance.

At Securus (UK) Ltd we can help you to clearly identify the risks that may be facing your particular school premises, and offer an individually designed school security system to not only help to mitigate those risks, but also help to make your facility run more smoothly and efficiently. Our school security systems can help you meet all of your health and safety obligations, as well assisting in the resolution of any disputes by parents or staff.

What constitutes good electronic school security systems?

School security systems in Surrey from Securus (UK) Ltd – Intruder Alarms

Out of school hours, when a site is unstaffed, schools need to be able to stop trespassers, acts of vandalism and burglaries. By using an intruder alarm that is linked to a range of detection devices on doors and windows, this can help to deter potential intruders from entering the school premises and removing and / or damaging property. The latest generation of intruder alarms can be monitored and controlled remotely through any internet enabled device such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone, as well as being monitored via a central monitoring station.

And during school hours, all schools have a basic requirement to safely contain the children in their care, whilst also keeping them safe from unwanted intruders. The key to a good school security system is the ability to monitor and control access, and there are a range of electronic school security solutions that can help to achieve this. When used together, they can provide a robust yet unobtrusive school security system to secure any size of nursery, school or college premises

School security systems in Surrey by Securus (UK) Ltd – Door Entry and Access Control

Door entry and access control systems allow the monitoring and controlling of who are entering a school. A door Entry System allows reception or security staff who are monitoring the school entrance to grant visitors entry based on audio or video identification. An Access Control System will allow pre-defined staff, pupils and visitors (for example contractors) to enter the school premises and / or specified areas within the school, using a key card or a fob. The access control system also keeps a record of all entrances and exits and the times they took place, providing a real-time log of who is on the premises.

School security systems in Surrey – CCTV surveillance by the experts at Securus (UK) Ltd

Another important aspect of good electronic school security systems is the use of CCTV. The latest generation of high-resolution external and internal CCTV cameras will record and monitor activity in and around a school’s grounds. This not only allows for the identification of possible intruders during school hours, but also allows for identifying trespassers or burglars should an intrusion or theft actually take place.

CCTV Cameras are now available in a wide variety of styles and sizes, which allow for maximum coverage with a minimum of intrusion, both from an aesthetic and a psychological perspective. And like the latest intruder alarms, IP CCTV can be monitored and controlled by staff who are off-site, through any internet enabled device such as a tablet or smartphone.

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