The client, Royal Alexander & Albert School, is a state-owned boarding and day school, providing education to children from local, national and international backgrounds. They have large volumes of daily traffic in and out of the school as day-pupils are dropped off and collected, with drop-off and pick-up times varying significantly due to the strong extra-curricular programme offered. Boarding pupils are housed in a number of buildings across the site, which extends to around 200 acres of countryside. Day and boarding pupils mix throughout the day, making the process of safeguarding more complex.

The client was looking to improve overall security and safeguarding across the whole site with the implementation of CCTV Cameras a networked access control system, with centralised monitoring. Certain key site access points required access controls to restrict the movement of unauthorised persons and generally improve the security of the site. The client required the works to be completed in a way that did not interfere with either the normal operation of the school or an unrelated significant infrastructure project. Parts of the school buildings have listed status.

school security system with cctv access control in surrey

Our School Security Solution

A detailed site survey was undertaken to ensure the system design proposal met the client’s requirements. As part of the solution Securus delivered, a networked High Definition CCTV and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) solution was installed, utilising the client’s existing fibre networks to help manage costs without compromising on quality. Digital high-speed wireless links were also utilised to bridge network gaps where required in open spaces. The solution provides extensive coverage of the site, with localised recording within key areas and the ability to view live and archived footage on demand from multiple locations, simultaneously. The system design spreads the load of the data storage across the site, providing an element of redundancy in the event of any individual network locations going off-line. The easy-to-use management software allows staff to quickly access images and track individuals and/or vehicles if required and has already proved a valuable tool for the staff.

Paxton Net2 was Installed on the key Access Control doors which is centrally managed by the IT Team enabling a greater sense of safeguarding on site.

School security system with cctv access control in Surrey

Securus worked in line with the school’s and its own Health and Safety procedures to ensure the work was carried out and delivered in a safe and controlled process for all parties.

We utilised a range of Hikvision and Paxton products to meet the requirements of the site. These included Hikvision 4MP Varifocal IP bullet CCTV cameras which were used externally to provide a varied field of view. Internally, fixed wide-angle turrets were used to provide optimum coverage for the client. The cameras provide excellent image quality in low light and at night with the ability to be used at a range of different focal lengths. ANPR cameras were used for vehicles entering/exiting. In open spaces we used HD 4mp 32x PTZ (Pan Tilt and Zoom) cameras to give staff the ability to cover vast areas, a key factor on a site of some 200 acres of open spaces. A Paxton Net2 system was used to provide access control to key doors on site.

All installations were completed in line with the additional requirements specified for listed buildings.

School Security Solution Outcomes

The school are extremely satisfied with the workmanship, working practices and the systems installed. The clients have been amazed by the quality of images provided in the day and night-time, Securus always provide a comprehensive Service and Maintenance Package as standard for all Installations, this gives peace of mind and ensures any issues small or Large are resolved swiftly as well as keeping all of the systems in good working order.

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