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“We used Securus (UK) to upgrade an existing CCTV security system in our village hall. This included updating to High Definition Infra Red cameras, re-positioning and containing all the kit in a mini server cabinet. The works were carried out very professionally, on time, with no mess and no fuss. The guys were very courteous throughout.”

Rajen Shah – Director, Netherne Management Limited

CCTV is short for “Closed Circuit Television Camera”, and CCTV security systems have traditionally provided a strong visual deterrent to intruders, and if an incident occurs, CCTV footage can help to provide objective evidence of exactly what happened where, at what time, and who was involved.

Tried and tested technology

CCTV technology has been in existence since the 1940s. The technology is tried and tested, having been in widespread use since the 1970s, and there are CCTV security camera models that are suitable for virtually any security or surveillance application, both inside and outside, and both visible and hidden. The two main types of CCTV cameras are ‘fixed’ cameras and ‘pan / tilt / zoom’ cameras which can rotate horizontally and vertically to be able to view a wider area.

For many years, a CCTV security system used an analogue CCTV camera that transmitted signals through a coaxial cable to a central location for monitoring, recording and video analysis. However, with recent advances in technology, the term ‘CCTV security system’ could more accurately be replaced with the term ‘CCTV Video Surveillance Security Camera System’. This more precisely describes the hi-tech systems which use IP (Internet Protocol) cameras that can send and receive data via a physical or wireless network and the internet, and which enable high definition images to be viewed and analysed from anywhere in the world on any internet enabled viewing device (such as a smartphone or tablet).

Hybrid CCTV Security System – combining older cameras with new technology

However, despite these advances in technology, it’s important to note that older analogue CCTV security systems can still be effective for many surveillance applications, indeed analogue CCTV cameras can still be part of an IP-based security system. Using IP video encoders and other equipment like hybrid digital video recorders, it is perfectly possible to have a ‘hybrid’ system of analogue and digital cameras, allowing a gradual transition from an old system to a new one.

Securus (UK) Ltd have installed hundreds of CCTV cameras over the years, from straightforward domestic systems to much more complex systems for large scale commercial use. Having the right CCTV security system fitted could save you a lot of money in the long run, and give you and your staff peace of mind, knowing you are visually protected and have total security at all times within or around your premises.

So in order to get the best from your existing CCTV security system, or to enquire about the benefits of a new or upgraded CCTV system, speak to one of our trained engineers here at Securus (UK) Ltd. We can advise you about the best CCTV security surveillance system for you, and put together a bespoke CCTV quotation for a security solution to meet your specific needs.

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