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Building Security Case Studies

Case Study # 1 – School Security System

School with covert school security system

Schools have a duty of care relating to safeguarding their pupils, staff and visitors. A multi-site school in Surrey approached Securus (UK) Ltd to review their school security system, which at the time consisted of CCTV security cameras, but no access control. Full analysis revealed that the existing CCTV security system had not been correctly specified, and so a new specification recommended an improved CCTV security system, as well as an IP based intercom and access control system.

With the new and comprehensive school security system installed, the school benefits in a wide variety of ways, for example:

  • All visitors are required to buzz in via an intercom system, which allows their visit to be processed efficiently and safely and inline with the school’s Safeguarding Policy.
  • Staff and contractors can be given access to only those areas of the school buildings and grounds (and at specific times) necessary for them to perform their duties, not only during the regular school hours, but also during out of hours activities such as before and after-school clubs, weekend activities, etc.
  • The facilities manager is able to remotely access (via an iPad) the High Definition (HD) CCTV security camera images across all sites, cutting down on the need to travel between sites.

In conclusion, the new school security system put in place by Securus (UK) Ltd has not only helped the school improve the way it safeguards the wellbeing of all its pupils, staff and visitors, but also generated considerable cost savings through the efficiencies it enables.

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Case Study # 2 – Residential Estate

Residential security services

The client operates a large residential estate in Surrey consisting of 700 residences based on a 60-acre site, with a mix of detached prestige homes, apartments, and some social housing.

Securus (UK) Ltd is responsible for the security system across the entire site which at its heart is based on a Wireless LAN (Local Area Network) – the set up costs of which are a fraction the costs of setting up a fibre network with physical cables buried in the ground.

With a comprehensive suite of CCTV (including the facility for Number Plate Recognition), Intercoms and Access Control systems, the Estate Manager and their security staff have been able to successfully resolve issues of small-scale theft and unsociable behaviour, as well as being able to standardize residents’ access to areas such as their homes, the on-site gymnasium, garages, etc.

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Case Study # 3 – Multi Occupancy Premesis

Restaraunt with covert security

Operating from a multi-use and multi-occupancy premises, the client company controls a restaurant, delicatessen and office space. The building itself could be described as a bit of a ‘rabbit warren’, and the occupiers had a specific problem with theft by staff, which was made easier by the physical layout of the building and the existing ineffective CCTV security system.

The security system designed and implemented by Securus (UK) Ltd involved a comprehensive upgrade to the CCTV security system, using both overt and covert cameras. This system was so effective that it actually paid for itself within one week of being implemented.

The system is a hybrid, allowing for new High Definition (HD) CCTV cameras to be installed in key areas and work along with the existing analogue CCTV cameras, which can be upgraded as and when necessary on an on-going basis.

The whole system became linked, via remote connectivity, so images can be viewed in real time on a mobile device. The HD CCTV cameras, with increased digital clarity, enable more accurate identification of people and actions.

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