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Intruder Alarms – Deter and prevent intruders

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CCTV – Always know what’s going on at home

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Door Entry Systems – Control who you let in


Securus has Special Offers available on Door Entry Systems, Intruder Alarms and CCTV systems with High Definition Wireless Cameras and a Digital Video Recorder.

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Intruder Alarms – Keeping intruders at bay

Intruder alarms, or simply ‘burglar alarms’ as they used to be more commonly called, primarily have two purposes:

  • Deterrent; the visible presence of an alarm on the exterior of a building is designed to put potential intruders off.
  • Detector; the alarm system alerts homeowners and / or the police of a possible intrusion.

The most typical type of alarms work by using a combination of detectors; firstly those which sense internal movement, then there are detectors that sense if doors or windows are actually opened, and you can also use vibration detectors that will activate the alarm if a window or door is attacked but before an unwanted intruder actually gains entry.

Residential security burglar alarm kit

The “Enforcer” wireless intruder alarm from Pyronix – shown here with keyfobs, door contact, sounder module, movement detectors and HomeControl+ Panel

Key benefits of a wireless Intruder Alarm system from Securus (UK):

  • Quick and straightforward to install compared to traditional hard-wired systems
  • None of the disruption or potential damage that comes from removing floorboards, drilling holes, re-plastering etc.
  • Sensors can be placed almost anywhere for maximum effect, they are not limited by complex wiring issues
  • Equipment can be easily removed and re-installed in a new building (ideal for rental tenants where landlords won’t allow alterations)
  • Additional sensors can be added easily if the building is extended or the security level required changing
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CCTV – Always know what’s going on at home

Having a CCTV security system to help protect your home is a bit like having your very own security guard on duty 24hrs a day, keeping an eye on everything. Security camera systems generally use cameras that are obviously placed and clearly visible, which acts as a clear deterrent to burglars or other potential intruders.

There are many different CCTV options to choose from, with new features being developed regularly as technology advances. For example high definition (HD) CCTV cameras are now widely available, giving image quality that only a few years ago would have been the preserve of governments and hi-tech security systems.

Residential security external cctv camera

One of the main features of the latest home CCTV security systems is the ability to remotely monitor what is happening at home via your smartphone or tablet, giving you complete control. With an integrated system, it’s also possible to remotely provide access to your property if needed. For example, once you’ve verified a delivery driver who is at your front door via the CCTV camera, you can then remotely open the garage door to allow them to securely leave a parcel until you get home.

CCTV on your mobile phone

Key benefits of a wireless CCTV security system from Securus (UK):

  • No wires: The cameras can be installed virtually anywhere, inside or out, with no need to disturb floors, ceilings or wall decor for wires and cables
  • Flexibility: Wireless CCTV cameras can be installed anywhere and can easily be relocated when you move or want to change your security arrangements
  • Price of installation: Installing a wireless camera system is far less time consuming as there is no need to install cables or wires in your home
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Door Entry Systems – Control who you let in to your home

Door Entry Systems let you listen to and / or see a caller on your doorstep before deciding whether or not to open the door. They typically consist of an external panel, an interior monitor, and a door control unit that physically unlocks the door to grant access to people that you want to let in.

Residential security door entry system

These systems are particularly useful for those who are vulnerable or living alone, or simply for anyone who wants to protect their family and their belongings from harm.

Door Entry Systems can also be installed in blocks of apartments or in HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupancy), and can have added functions such as giving access to certain people, such as the postman or delivery service, without the necessity for somebody in the property to allow them access every time.

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