Our client is a professional property management company looking after a large number of residential blocks and developments. This particular property comprises 11 residential apartments in a purpose-built block. The original door entry system was installed at the time of construction and had reached the end of its serviceable life. Securus was engaged to install a new system, utilising as much of the existing infrastructure as was possible.


Securus Solution

Came BPT Audio entry panel
We specified a Came-BPT audio entry panel with keypad and individual Agata handsets in each of the eleven apartments. A replacement fail safe lock release was specified for the front door, along with a Yale night latch.

The Came-BPT audio entry panel can be adjusted to allow up to 12 separate call buttons and works well alongside the Agata audio handset, an ideal solution for the client. Each handset is wall-mounted and has scope for 2 additional auxiliary functions if required, with a volume control mechanism included.

Our engineers worked with the property managers to schedule the work and co-ordinate access to each of the 11 individual properties to install the new Agata handsets for the residents.


All individual apartments had new Agata handsets installed, and the main entry door was upgraded to add the new security arrangements connected to the Came-BPT audio entry panel. The new system now provides the residents with reliable, secure and easy to use door entry. The property manager is no longer having to deal with regular calls to maintain and fix the old system.

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