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Securus (UK) Ltd is a Pyronix Registered Installer

Pyronix is a primarily UK (Rotherham) based manufacturer of electronic security equipment for use in residential, commercial and industrial applications in the intruder alarm market. They design and build a full range of industry award-winning wired, wireless and hybrid intruder alarm solutions for any domestic or commercial project, and use in-house developed market-leading technologies. Securus (UK) Ltd is a Pyronix Registered Installer.

Pyronix has recently become part of the Hikvision group of companies

Their latest product innovations include the HomeControl+ App, a perfect example of how the security and home & business automation markets are all converging and developing dramatically, driven by the widespread adoption of new technologies and internet enabled devices.

The HomeControl+ App, when linked to internal and external cameras, allows people to connect to their home or business premises from anywhere in the world, giving them control of a complete security system in the palm of their hand via a smart device. For example, users can

  • View their system status in real-time, including alarm, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
  • Receive messages and notifications from their system
  • Have instant access to the events and history log
  • See what is happening via HD 720p internal and external IP cameras

Some of the devices and functionality that can be linked to the HomeControl+ App include:

Pan and tilt internal camera

A pan and tilt internal IP camera that provides 340° degree horizontal and 90° degree vertical surveillance.

HD streaming

Utilising the PyronixCloud and HomeControl+ infrastructure, cameras can deliver HD 720p streaming quality over Wi-Fi or LAN connections.

Internal camera with SD card recording

Internal standard definition recording onto an SD card means that you can store and share video.

External camera

The external camera is fully waterproof and able to operate in temperatures ranging from -20°C to +55°C.

Infrared camera

With 10 LED infrared 8m internal and 30 LED infrared 15m external night vision, high security surveillance is available 24 hours a day.

Audio connection

Users can talk and interact via the integrated microphone on the internal I-CAM/PT camera.

Other examples from the huge Pyronix range of security products

For Commercial or Residential use

Internal detectors

The Pyronix TMD15

Pyronix TMD15 detector

The Pyronix TMD15® is a unique product which uses two non-overlapping detectors in one robust housing with non-overlapping fields of view and separate relay outputs, designed to meet the latest industry regulations.

Based on Pyronix’ tried, tested and patented technologies, and using new innovative features, the TMD15® offers outstanding performance when it comes to detection, along with maximum reliability.

The detector features anti-masking detection (making it ideal for use in high security environments where there could be a high risk of masking) as well as an auto sensitivity feature which enables the detector to automatically adjust the its sensitivity depending on environment conditions.

Sounders and bells range

Deltabell-X with Lightbox Panel

Pyronix Deltabell X with Lightbox Panel

Visible deterrent – Superior illumination from the optional light box acts as an excellent deterrent day or night. The lightbox illuminates the front of the sounder unit, while the backlit feature shines through the base of the unit.

Tamper proof – With covered electronics and three-way tamper protection featuring cover, base and power tamper protection; you can rest assured that you will always be alerted to any attempts to disable this unit.

Twin piezo sounder technology – The Deltabell X features twin piezo sounders with high decibel output for maximum effect.

Wireless Security Systems

Enforcer 32-WE

Pyronix Enforcer 32 WE

With a full range of peripherals, Pyronix’ award winning Enforcer two-way wireless technology offers a highly secure, flexible security system, with the ease of installation and the battery life of a wireless system, but without compromising on the safety and reliability offered by a wired system.

The two-way wireless keyfob allows you to set and unset the system (with visual indication of alarm, faults and system status), whilst the advanced jamming detection with frequency hopping technology will stop accidental or malicious attempts to disable the system.

128 bit encryption gives a very high level of protection over the wireless network, giving you peace of mind that your system is always safe and secure.

For more details, visit the Pyronix website

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