The client is a large US-owned industrial business operating in a range of sectors, producing precision products for high-tech and demanding applications. It is committed to driving innovation through a focus on its research and development activity, working in partnership with its customers. It operates from large premises in the UK and needed to create a site-wide CCTV monitored zone to ensure it had complete visibility of activity in and around its site. It required a solution that provided high-resolution imagery and offered leading levels of security and protection. The client had an existing system of PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras that needed to be integrated into the expanded and enhanced system.


Securus Solution

Cisco Meraki CCTV - MV72X

Securus specified a Cisco Meraki CCTV system, utilising a network of MV72X externally rated cameras with 512GB of edge-solid state storage within each camera. Each camera provides 4MP imagery and has a 112O field of view, up to 3x optical zoom with IP67 weather-proof rating and IK10+ impact rating for protection against physical damage. These are highly robust cameras suitable for an exacting environment.

We produced a scope of works that identified the most appropriate location for each camera, ensuring that all points of access and egress were fully covered, as well as all major areas of site traffic – pedestrian and vehicular. By carefully planning the integration and location of the camera network, we were able to provide coverage of all necessary areas with 19 cameras, giving the client a solution that was both effective and efficient.

Our solution utilised existing physical infrastructure to mount all of the new Meraki CCTV cameras, using a combination of dedicated posts and wall-mounting to buildings.All cameras were linked back to the client’s existing security centre, with a new wall-mounted 55” HD Colour Monitor providing live viewing of all cameras.

Securus worked with the client’s existing contractor, who provided all cabling services to ensure each camera had the necessary RJ45 and PoE connectivity. All relevant software to manage the Cisco Meraki system was installed and hosted on the client’s own IT network, working in conjunction with the client’s IT team.


The client now has a highly secure CCTV network providing high-resolution coverage of its entire site, with a system that integrates cutting edge CCTV technology with the existing infrastructure to provide and efficient, effective and secure working environment in line with the company’s own commitments to its clients. Securus has since been engaged to undertake additional work for the client on other aspects of its site security requirements.

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