The client, Galldris Services Ltd, is a large civil engineering firm engaged in numerous projects for well-know brands. Quality management and site health & safety are key areas where it seeks to differentiate itself from competitors and it looks to use technology to help enhance these aspects of its customer proposition. The client was engaged to undertake a major piece of civil engineering work in an off-grid location in central London. It needed a solution to secure the site, monitor activity and ensure its health & safety procedures were being followed.


Securus Solution

Securus Solar Communication Platform
Securus Solar Communication Platform
Securus Solar Communication Platform

Securus supplied the client with a number of its Solar Communication Platforms (SCPs), each equipped with three fixed high-definition wide-angle bullet cameras, a public announcement (PA) horn, onboard recording and wireless connectivity (4G/5G) to provide remote access to footage and live camera feeds. The PA system enables a pre-recorded warning to be given to intruders or for direct audio challenge via the remote monitoring station. The SCP’s are a fully serviced, maintained and monitored solution. Alongside the remote monitoring of system health, Securus provide 6 monthly service visits. The combination of remote system diagnostics and site visits provides constant feedback on system battery life and solar performance, enabling the client to maintain a fully working system 24/7/365.


The client now has a CCTV security system that is entirely solar-powered, enabling it to have full visibility of its site 24/7/365 during the construction phase. As work progressed, there was a need for an additional set of cameras to eliminate a gap created in the coverage due to the buildings being constructed. An additional SCP unit, with similar configuration was supplied and the existing units were re-positioned to ensure ongoing protection.

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