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High End Drone Security Solutions – with our partner company Aviat Drones

In conjunction with our partner company AviatDrones Ltd, Securus (UK) Ltd offer bespoke aerial drone security and surveillance solutions. With our combined specialisms in film, aviation and security, combined with the latest technology, we offer an unrivalled service.

Drone security and surveillance

Using the latest technology we can provide industry-leading flight times with endurance exceeding 22 hours. Full HD images can be live-streamed to multiple locations online. Our cameras offer 30x optical and 6x digital zoom (180x total) and have tracking capabilities. We also provide Geofencing, which limits not only our drones, but can also detect and exclude any unwanted drone activity.

Whether used at an individual property or a large-scale complex of buildings, fixed security cameras will only deter intruders from entering in those areas where the cameras are actually located. But with regular drone security patrols, you are effectively setting up an active physical presence that covers the entire site, providing a much higher level of visual deterrent.

Increased effectiveness

And if there is an intruder incident, drone security surveillance offers a much better and more flexible view when compared with fixed security cameras (where there is a limitation of the field of view that can be filmed) or compared to human security guards (where safety factors must be taken into consideration and will inevitably limit what can be achieved).

Also, when compared with the traditional combination of fixed cameras and security personnel, drone security can provide a very efficient and cost efficient way to provide hitherto impractically high levels of security in a way that is also much safer for the staff involved.

A wide range of aerial drone security applications

Residential drone security
Industrial drone security
Industrial drone security

Security applications include industries such as oil & gas, telecoms, transport infrastructure, wind and solar energy farms, building and construction, and wide area crop inspection. But it extends further too; drone security is ideal for event security (whether located on a permanent site, for example amusement park security, or a temporary site for something like wedding security or festival security), high-end purchases such as super yachts, and sports facilities such as golf courses.

Drone security with thermal image camera

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