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Door Entry Systems

“Securus (UK) Ltd were originally recommended to us by one of our clients around 2010. Back then our office was a mess! We had just moved into a new building and we had to carry out a complete refurbishment. Rob took the initiative to identify our problems and devise a range of solutions, which to this day we are extremely happy with.”

Carmen Vicente – Office Manager / PA to the Chairman, Future Group

Physical building security is becoming more and more important each year. Door Entry Systems are the most obvious way to protect a building and those inside it from unwanted intruders, and Door Entry Systems can range from a simple audio based system for a single door, right the way up to a multi-door, video entry system which integrates with other software programmes and which covers multiple buildings on the same or event separate sites.

An Audio Door Entry System allows a member of staff to speak to a visitor before either opening the door physically to let them in, or releasing the door remotely by using an electronic release mechanism. A Video Door Entry System (sometimes just called a ‘Video Entry System’) operates in the same way, but has the additional security benefit of allowing the person inside the building to see an image of the visitor on a screen, before letting them in.

Benefits of a Commercial / Industrial Door Entry System

When operating a business premises, one of the key priorities is to keep staff and visitors safe, and also to protect both physical property and intellectual property from theft or damage.

Alongside any other measures in place, a Door Entry System adds a layer of security that can be installed quickly and easily, giving business owners peace of mind and reassuring their staff that their safety and security is valued.

Industrial and commercial buildings are often complex, with multiple points of entry. There may be a mixture of office, storage and operational space, and there may be a need to control access not just from the outside of the building, but between the different areas within the building itself.

Advantages of a Residential Door Entry System

Residential (or ‘Domestic’) Door Entry Systems tend to be relatively simple compared to those installed in commercial or industrial premises. At their most basic, they simply provide the ability for a person to listen to / view (on a screen) a caller on the doorstep before deciding whether or not to open the door, through a fixed link or in some cases, via a smartphone. Door Entry Systems are particularly useful for those who are vulnerable or living alone, or simply for anyone who wants to protect their family and their belongings from harm.

Residential Door Entry Systems can also be installed in blocks of flats or in what are becoming more frequently known as ‘HMOs’ (Houses of Multiple Occupancy), and can have added facilities such as granting access to certain people, such as a postman, without the need for someone inside the property to allow them access each time.

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