Density Control Solutions

Automatically control the number of people on your premises – provide clear signage and ways to avoid overcrowding

In a world where social distancing has become the requirement in many public spaces, retail environments, travel situations and leisure facilities, being able to effectively manage the flow of people in and through your premises is a major factor in ensuring your business operates in a safe manner as well as maximising your revenue. A robust system also gives confidence to your customers and employees that you are taking their health & safety seriously.

Our solutions use camera technology to count individuals as they enter and exit your premises, providing real-time counts of customers within your premises and can be used to signal or physically control entry to your premises. With screen technology used to communicate with customers, it also opens up additional opportunities to turn an access control solution into a customer communication opportunity. Sales messages can be interspersed with core messages on your premises current capacity.

Density control display monitor-min

Our Density Control Solutions automatically provide clear signage and ways to avoid overcrowding. Here’s how it works:


The camera detects people entering your premises and increases the number displayed on a screen


When the capacity is reached, a warning is displayed telling people to wait before entering


A pre-configured alarm can be triggered to warn against entry, or to alert members of your staff


The camera detects people leaving the premises and automatically reduces the number shown on the screen


The remaining capacity is updated and clearly displayed on the screen by the entrance


The display lets people know when they can enter; so there is no need for real-time supervision by your staff

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