SCC AVS is a large collaboration solutions company providing innovative, creative solutions to meet diverse technology requirements across the UK and internationally. SCC AVS was seeking a security systems partner to work with them as a sub-contractor on a range of projects, where their communication technologies were additionally required to support security installations for clients. The sub-contractor needed to work as part of the SCC-AVS team, providing expert advice and high-quality workmanship that would integrate seamlessly with their own working practices and procedures.

With the advent of new working practices for so many businesses as they started looking to re-open after the Covid-19 lockdown, SCC AVS and Securus identified a need to integrate specific density control and thermal screening technologies that helped those businesses re-open in a way that was safe for their staff and customers.

Securus Solution

Securus were able to support several high-profile implementations for SCC AVS customers. These included:

Securus Installed Thermal Screening cameras within the SCC AVS main offices to provide confidence and help with Health & Safety procedures.

Two regional airports where our thermal screening solutions significantly increased the speed of carrying out temperature checks on passengers, ensuring passengers were not delayed unnecessarily.

University Hospitals Birmingham required a thermal temperature screening solution to ensure staff were alerted to any visitors, patients and staff demonstrating elevated body temperatures.

A high-profile utility provider required thermal screening solutions for their branch offices. Securus worked with SCC AVS to deliver thermal screening cameras for them.


Securus have consistently delivered a level of service that has enabled SCC AVS to meet its own obligations to clients and continue winning new business through recommendations and referrals.


“SCC AVS has formed a collaborative partnership with Securus (uk) Ltd to provide customers with solutions that integrate our communication and audio visual technologies with the cutting-edge security solutions Securus can provide. They have proved to be an invaluable asset working with us as our security partner to provide trusted advice and solutions for security solutions to our customers.

With rapidly changing requirements for so many businesses resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, Securus have been working with us to design, implement and install thermal screening solutions for a variety of customers in a range of different sectors, from airports to hospitals and beyond.

Rob and his team have proved to be a great asset and we are delighted to entrust them as part of our wider team working with our customers.”

Graham Fry – MD, SCC AVS

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