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Securus (UK) Ltd have many years of experience of protecting properties by installing an entryphone in London and the South East of England. Our range of entryphone solutions can be fitted in virtually any property, and no matter what your requirements, our installation rates are always competitive and our commitment to high quality customer service and satisfaction means that you can have your entryphone in London or the South East installed both efficiently and professionally.

Entryphone in London fitted by Securus UK Ltd

An entryphone system is sometimes referred to as a door phone, a door intercom, a video door entry system, a video intercom system, or one of a number of other terms, but essentially the operation is simple – a caller presses a button whilst outside a premises, and the person inside can then choose whether or not to let them in.

In the past, entryphones were primarily associated with blocks of flats or apartments, where there was a single front entrance to a block that contained multiple individual dwellings. But as technology has advanced in recent years, entryphones have become a great deal more sophisticated. Whilst some people may only want a traditional fixed audio-only entryphone, there are also colour video entryphone systems, vandal-resistant entryphones, wireless systems, and many others to suit specific situations and needs.

Why install an entryphone in London?

There are plenty of good reasons to secure your home with an entryphone, which will keep your family safe, dispense with the inconvenience of answering the front door, and only allow your chosen visitors onto your private land and property.

Here are just a few of the advantages of using Securus (UK) Ltd. to install an entryphone in London or any other part of the South-East of England


This is usually a major concern for homeowners, and if you have invested in fencing, railings, outdoor security lights and external CCTV cameras, it’s a logical next step to restrict access to your driveway and garden in order to prevent any access to the house itself. An entryphone system can have the doorbell actually outside your gate or perimeter wall, so people who wish to visit your house need to be given permission to access your land first. Many modern entryphone systems make use of high definition cameras that enable you to actually see a visitor, day or night, as well as being able to speak to them using the intercom system.


Getting up to answer the front door can be an unwelcome intrusion into family life, particularly if you have a larger house or perhaps if you have impaired mobility. An entryphone, especially one that can be linked to a remote device such as a tablet or smartphone, makes it so much easier to see who is at the door and then either let them in, or keep them out in the event they are unwanted visitor.

Smart home integration

If you already have wirelessly connected cameras (known as IP cameras) installed, it is an easy step to integrate an IP entryphone system to expand your home security and surveillance network.

At Securus (UK) Ltd we understand that no two properties are exactly the same, and that every customer will have unique requirements. So we can help you choose and then install a high-performance entryphone in London or the South-East of England either as a stand-alone, or as part of a full security system for your home or business (including access control, door entry, and CCTV).

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