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Studies have shown* that that CCTV in retail establishments is not really an option for owners:

  • 75% of employees have stolen at least one item from their employer
  • One third of small business bankruptcies can be attributed to losses caused by theft or staff errors

And these issues are particularly prevalent in retail environments, where stock is easier to access and is more desirable, there are generally a high number of lower value transactions, and in the case of theft (especially in food and drink establishments) the evidence is easy to hide. So much so, that the same studies suggest that on average, 43% of a retail company’s annual loss is due to employee theft.

Many retail premises (shops, bars, restaurants, etc.) in the UK already benefit from having installed CCTV cameras. CCTV significantly reduces the incidences of theft and shoplifting, and at Epsom security experts Securus (UK) Ltd we can design and install a professional CCTV system that will:

  • Meet all your CCTV security requirements
  • Give you the protection that you require
  • Be at a reasonable price

CCTV in Retail – Pubs, Bars and Nightclubs

CCTV in pubs, bars and clubs is very common and highly important. A large number of Local Authorities expect local bars, clubs and pubs to have a fully maintained and legally compliant CCTV camera system in place records during all opening hours, and which stores recorded CCTV footage for a minimum of 30 days. The primary reason for this is the number of incidents of personal injuries or attacks that happen inside or near establishments where alcohol is sold and consumed in quantity.

Epsom security experts Securus (UK) Ltd can help landlords and club owners by installing bespoke vandal resistant CCTV in pubs, bars and clubs which cover the entire premises; internally, from behind the bar to the stockroom, and externally, covering areas such as car parks and beer gardens, .

CCTV in Retail – Restaurants, Cafes and Coffee Shops

Owners often install CCTV in retail businesses such as restaurants and cafes to protect their business and to add to their patrons’ peace of mind. In the same way as bars and nightclubs, the security issues faced by restaurants and other eateries come primarily from inside the business, with the potential for up to 25% of profits to disappear on a month by month basis because of employee (including management) carelessness or theft.

CCTV in retail businesses like bars and clubs is now commonplace

An increasing number of restaurant, coffee shop and café owners are turning to CCTV camera systems for help. Whether you are looking to secure the till or you want to be able to find out what’s going on in your kitchen and storage rooms, Epsom security experts Securus (UK) Ltd can help. We have installed various CCTV camera systems retail premises in London and the South East of England, and have over 20 years’ experience in the security industry.

CCTV in Retail – Protecting Staff

And although this article has focused on protecting the business from theft, another significant benefit of using CCTV in retail outlets is for the protection of staff and visitors, from physical assault, verbal abuse, theft of personal property and more. CCTV provides a deterrent to unwanted behaviour, or in the unfortunate event of an incident occurring, CCTV footage can quickly and accurately get to the bottom of exactly what happened, at what time, and who was involved.

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* Studies from the University of Florida and the United States Chamber of Commerce