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The primary purposes of installing CCTV in Epsom and other Surrey based businesses are twofold: to protect the people who work in a business, and to protect the assets of the business itself.

Installing CCTV in Epsom businesses for the purposes of crime prevention

Using CCTV in Epsom and other Surrey based businesses acts as a visual deterrent, which deters potential intruders who might be thinking of entering your property. When the CCTV system is remotely monitored and an intruder does risk entering your premises, the security breach can be immediately identified and the appropriate action taken to prevent a crime from taking place.

In addition to issues with external intruders and theft, CCTV cameras that are fitted internally within business premises help to discourage staff related fraud and theft. According to the number of police recorded ‘theft by an employee’ offences in England and Wales from in 2014/15 was 10,793, and in 2015/16 was 10,717, which are both increases from the previous years.

CCTV in Epsom business premesis atrium

Using CCTV in Epsom business premises to assist with prosecutions

For external threats, even when there is not ‘live’ 24 hour CCTV monitoring, the CCTV footage is being recorded, giving business owners the safe and reliable knowledge that any incident or criminal activity which has taken place will be recorded and can be made available for evidence if needed to assist with prosecution.

And if you have CCTV cameras fitted in your place of work, then if a staff member is recorded taking goods without company permission, or if they are filmed acting in an inappropriate way, then the camera footage will contribute to the evidence of what has taken place.

Fitting CCTV in Epsom commercial premises to help protect staff, contractors, visitors and the public

CCTV can help with the protection for staff / contractors / visitors / members of the public against violent attacks and / or verbal abuse. But as well as ensuring a more secure working environment for staff, it can also help with the implementation of workplace Health and Safety Policies.

By examining surveillance camera footage, companies have the chance to monitor safe working practices and address workplace compliance issues, by verifying incidents and ensuring that employees are taking appropriate breaks and following best practice.

Installing CCTV in Epsom businesses to help monitor high-risk areas

If your business has an area which contains business critical machinery or where hazardous materials are used and stored, then CCTV cameras are an effective way to monitor these areas fully, allowing companies to ensure business continuity and health and safety compliance.

Using CCTV in Epsom based companies to encourage and promote good behaviour

It is widely acknowledged that the having CCTV cameras installed in a workplace helps to encourage good behaviour amongst staff. As well as the previously mentioned benefits of Health and Safety compliance and correct working practices, CCTV provides a method of viewing and evaluating your day-to-day business operations carried out by staff.

Other benefits of CCTV in Epsom based commercial settings

Finally, CCTV camera footage can also be used to protect businesses from false claims of liability by staff / contractors / visitors / members of the public, which can range from complaints about bad or unacceptable behaviour through to assault or even worse. As our culture becomes increasingly litigious, false claims against companies are on the increase. An example is the 2016 case of a mother who falsely claimed that a Primark security guard forcibly took her baby from her while she was breastfeeding. But after Primark checked the CCTV footage from the Leicester store, Caroline Starmer was charged by police. She later admitted intending to pervert the course of justice, and received an eight-month sentence, suspended for two years. You can read the full story which highlights this particular one of the benefits of CCTV on the BBC website here.


Statistics consistently demonstrate a significant reduction in crime and other offences taking place in locations where CCTV has been installed, indeed CCTV is proven to be the single most effective means of crime prevention and detection.

So the advantages of installing CCTV in Epsom & Ewell and other Surrey and South London located businesses, for example in towns like Leatherhead, Kingston, Reigate, Dorking, Croydon, Cheam, Dorking, Kingswood, Banstead, Sutton, Bookham, Wimbledon, are many.

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