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Business Security Systems

Access Control, CCTV, Intruder Alarms and Door Entry Systems – from the experts at Securus (UK) Ltd


Access Control – Managing who can go where in your building

Building Access Control provides you with complete control over who has access to your premises (or parts of your premises) and grounds and at what times. This enables you to protect staff and visitors, as well as to keep property, goods and information systems secure.

Business security access control

For smaller premises with a small number of users, Standalone Access Control uses PIN numbers and keypads, or proximity or magstripe tokens and readers, to control access to one or several independent doors in a building.

For larger or more complex premises, PC or Network Based Access Control systems give centralised control over all access points via a single network. Because settings are managed centrally, different permissions can be granted for different users or groups of users easily and quickly.

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CCTV – An effective deterrent and a valuable recording tool

CCTV cameras have traditionally been a strong visual deterrent to criminals, but if an incident does occur, the footage provides clear evidence of what happened where, when, and who was involved.

Business security CCTV systems

The two main types of cameras are ‘fixed’, with a static field of view, and ‘pan / tilt / zoom’ which can rotate horizontally and vertically to be able to view a wider area. And security cameras are available for virtually any security or surveillance application your business or organisation needs, both inside and outside, visible and covert.

The latest systems use IP (Internet Protocol) cameras that can send and receive data via a physical or wireless network and over the internet, and enable high definition images to be viewed and analysed from anywhere in the world.

However, if you have an existing analogue CCTV system, it is perfectly possible to run a ‘hybrid’ system with older analogue and new digital cameras together, allowing your business to gradually transition from an old system to a new one.

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Intruder Alarms – The foundation of your business security system

Many businesses employ a combination of security measures to achieve the most appropriate level of protection for their needs, but the most fundamental part of a security system is some type of Intruder Alarm. In fact, due to the high risk of break-ins, the majority of insurance companies insist that your business premises are securely protected by some type of Intruder Alarm system.

Business security burglar alarms and intruder alarms in Surrey

At Securus (UK) Ltd we can design an insurance approved system for you, whether you are looking to protect a small industrial unit or retail premises, or a large office building or a multi-site industrial complex.

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Door Entry Systems – Easy control of your building’s entrances and exits

As physical building security becomes increasingly important, Door Entry Systems are the most obvious way to protect a building and the people inside it from unwanted intruders.

Paxton installer business security graphic with access control panelsA basic audio or video Door Entry System, perhaps even for a single door, allows you to see and / or speak to a visitor before either physically opening the door to let them in, or releasing the door remotely.

For larger commercial premises with multiple points of entry and possibly a mixture of office, storage and operational space, a fully integrated multi-door, video entry system can control access not just from the outside of the building, but between the different areas within the building itself. Such a system can also cover multiple buildings on the same or even separate sites.

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