Artificial intelligence is creating a whole new range of uses for the increasingly sophisticated ranges of cameras now available to businesses. From thermal screening of individuals to checking that individuals are wearing prescribed safety items such as face masks or hard hats, CCTV cameras can now help businesses undertake a range of additional tasks.

With an AI-powered CCTV system, traditional security monitoring can be significantly improved through automated management of suspicious activity. Tasks can include:

  • Automatic triggering of alarms for movement detection, with systems now able to distinguish between people and animals;
  • Identification of specific individuals, with the ability to track that individual across a network once identified;
  • The ability to provide automated visual and auditory warnings to suspects by way of an initial deterrent;
  • Automatic alerts over the cloud;
  • Swift retrieval of recorded footage.

Where a central control station might once have been required to have multiple operators to track and monitor a large site, much of the monitoring can now be automated using artificial intelligence o alert on site or remote operators when a specific situation needs investigation. It is a solution that can quickly allow a business to recover its capital costs through savings in the ongoing operation of its CCTV and security systems.

What has become increasingly interesting to businesses is the way this can be used not only to provide enhanced solutions to the traditional protective purpose of a CCTV system, but the way it can now be extended to provide benefits such as:

  • Enhanced protection to the health and safety of employees and visitors, with access to buildings or specific areas restricted if individuals are not wearing specified PPE. Hard hat and mask detection are the most common examples controlled in this way;
  • Improvements to manufacturing processes through alien object identification on production lines, allowing manufacturers to automate the process of quality control;
  • Heat mapping to help retail outlets maximise revenue through store planning. No longer is it simply a tool to help prevent theft – it can now be used to plan product placement in the store based on the areas in which customers spend most time;
  • Automated access control through vehicle identification, providing simplified vehicle control, access and parking solutions on sites.

AI in Action

This video from Hikvision provides an example of how the hard hat detection solution can be deployed. What business owners will find particularly interesting is that the solution can be deployed across a site, not just at the points of access. Businesses can demonstrate that enforcement of their duties as an employer is an ongoing practice, with the benefits likely to include not only reduced workplace accidents but also potentially reduced insurance premiums.

Want to know more?

Artificial intelligence has now become a feature in CCTV technology across the ranges, with solutions available to suit most budgets. At Securus, we always start by asking what our customers are seeking to achieve so that we can help you find the right solution for your business. We are architects of security solutions. Why not put us to the test? Get in touch with one of the team to discuss your needs.