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Why use Access Control?

“Securus (UK) have expanded Bytes’ CCTV & Access Control Systems over a number of years, and we have always valued their advice and expertise on these topics. Projects are always finished on-schedule & on-budget, and Rob and his team are extremely pleasant to work with; always efficient, tidy & professional, which is appreciated as it is often carried out during working hours.”

Sara Mitchell – Facilities Manager, Bytes Software Services Limited

Access Control gives you complete control over who has access to your premises and grounds (or parts of those premises and grounds) and at what times. Using an Access Control system enables you to protect staff, residents, visitors and any other people for whom you are responsible, as well as to keep property, goods and information systems secure.

The same effect can be achieved with physical locks and keys, together with 24-hour on-site security personnel, but at a vastly increased cost and a much lower level of effectiveness (as physical items like keys can be lost or stolen). So Access Control provides the most efficient and convenient way of securing your building and assets.

Access Control security systems can range from a single door mechanical combination lock. Right through to a multi-door, multi-site computer based building security system.

There are two broad types of Access Control system:

Standalone Access Control

Generally used for smaller premises with a relatively small number of users, this type of system uses keypads and card readers to control access to one or many independent doors in a building. Access is granted by using a PIN with a keypad, or by presenting a proximity or a magstripe token, depending on which type of reader has been installed.

A standalone Access Control system requires each unit to be programmed individually, both initially and for any subsequent changes (for example if a particular token needs to be barred or if codes need to be changed).

PC or Network Based Access Control

These type of Access Control security systems are generally used for larger or more complex premises, and are essentially based on a computer linked to a network, giving central control over all access points. Access through any individual entrance is gained by using a PIN with a keypad, by presenting a proximity or magstripe token, or by ‘possession’ (eg with hands free tokens) depending on the type of readers that have been installed.

Settings changed at the central computer take effect on any of the proscribed entry points, so for example an access token can be barred from all of the doors instantly. And a further benefit a networked system is flexibility of control, allowing different permissions to be granted for different users or groups of users. Furthermore, data can be analysed to see who went where and when.

Many Network Based Access Control systems allow control of additional buildings on the same or different sites via an existing LAN (Large Area Network) or WAN (Wide Area Network). Such systems are increasingly being used to control other services within buildings too, such as intruder alarms, CCTV, fire doors, lifts, lighting, heating and humidity control.

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